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IO-Link (PHY) device evaluation board based on L6362A with Arduino connectors for STM32 Nucleo

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Core ProductL6362A
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RoHs compliantEcopack2
Package NameCARD

The STEVAL-IOD003V1 evaluation board is based on the L6362A IO-Link PHY device with full integrated EMC protection (according to IO-Link v1.1 specification) and surge protection (according to IEC 60947-5-2). It provides an affordable and easy-to-use solution for the development of IO-Link and SIO applications, letting you easily evaluate the communication features and robustness of the L6362A.

The on-board linear regulators (12 mA-3.3 V from L6362A and 100 mA-12 V from L78L12ABUTR) can be used to supply the microcontroller via the 24 V bus, instead of via USB.

When the L78L12ABUTR is enabled (default configuration), you can also perform evaluation of complete industrial sensor modules by connecting the STEVAL-IOD003V1 to a NUCLEO-L073RZ (or NUCLEO-L053R8) board and an X-NUCLEO-IKS01A2 expansion board.

The STEVAL-IOD003V1 interfaces with the STM32 controller via UART and GPIO pins and is compatible with the Arduino UNO R3 (default configuration) and ST morpho (optional, not mounted) connectors.

Key features
  • L6362A IO-Link device transceiver main characteristics:
    • IO-Link PHY layer
    • Dedicated overload diagnostics pin
    • UART interface
    • Selectable 12 mA 3.3 V or 10 mA 5.0 V linear regulator
    • Overload and overheating protections with non-dissipative cut-off function
    • Full reverse polarity on IO-Link interface pins
    • EMC protections (as per IO-Link v1.1)
    • Surge protection (as per IEC 60947-5-2)
    • DFN-12L (3x3x0.9 mm) package
  • 6.5 to 35 V operating voltage range
  • On-board 100 mA 12 V linear regulator (L78L)
  • LEDs for status and diagnostics
  • Ground and VCC wire break protections
  • Compatible with STM32 Nucleo boards
  • Equipped with Arduino UNO R3 connectors
  • RoHS and China RoHS compliant