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Energy harvesting Evaluation kit based on the SPV1050

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Parameter NameParameter Value
Target ApplicationRenewable Energy Generation and Harvesting
Core ProductSPV1050
Packing TypeNot Applicable
RoHs compliantEcopack2
Package NameCARD

The STEVAL-ISV021V1 is a demonstration kit which consists of a complete energy harvesting module based on the SPV1050 ULP energy harvester and battery charger, having the purpose to show the electrical performance of the power converter and many other fundamental electrical quantities related to the overall system.

The power manager is configured as a buck-boost converter, fitting the electrical characteristics of the mounted PV panel and battery.

A power monitoring board along with a software GUI are used to monitor and to graph both of PV panel and battery voltage and current, and system performances like MPPT accuracy and conversion efficiency.

The STEVAL-ISV021V1 represents the standalone harvesting module that can be interfaced with a wireless sensor node to provide the microcontroller, transmitter and sensors with the energy scavenged and stored into the battery.

Furthermore, the STEVAL-ISV021V1 embeds an extension connector to interface and to monitor of some of SPV1050 input and output signals through a microcontroller based board.

Key features
  • SPV1050 based harvesting dongle board
  • PV module soldered on the back
  • Lithium coin cell battery
  • PV module electrical characteristics at 200 lux:
    • VOCTYP = 9.8 V, ISCTYP= 20 μA
    • VMPTYP= 8 V, IMPTYP= 18 μA
  • Li-Ion battery:
    • CapacityNOM= 120 mAh
    • VNOMINAL = 3.6 V
    • VCHARGE= 4.2 V
    • VEND-OF-DISCHARGE = 2.75 V
  • Interface to power monitoring board
  • PV module voltage and battery monitoring
  • Ambient light sensor for irradiance level measurement
  • Supported by SW GUI to show MPPT accuracy and conversion efficiency