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Compact reference design for low voltage brushless power tools based on STSPIN32F0B

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Parameter NameParameter Value
Target ApplicationPower Tools
Core ProductSTL220N6F7, STSPIN32F0B, STL180N6F7, STPS0560Z
Packing TypeNot Applicable
RoHs compliantEcopack2
Package NameCARD

This STEVAL-PTOOL1V1 compact 70 mm x 30 mm reference design board is tailored for low voltage power tools driven by 3-phase brushless motors, supplied by 2S to 6S batteries. The design is based on the STSPIN32F0B controller and STL180N6F7 (or STL220N6F7) power MOSFET.

The board is ready for sensorless and sensored FOC, and can be configured for six-step sensorless control through available BEMF sensing circuitry. The firmware example included in STM32 Motor Control SDK (X-CUBE-MCSDK-Y) uses position feedback from Hall effect sensors, with debugging and programming capability available through the SWD interface and the direct firmware update feature.

The board can deliver up to 15 A continuous current, thanks also to the optimal thermal dissipation provided by an embedded heatsink. It embeds a fast power-on circuit that connects and disconnects the battery, allowing standby consumption below 1 μA for extended battery duration. Several protection features are included, such as thermal shutdown, undervoltage lockout, overcurrent protection with programmable threshold and reverse biasing of power stage outputs.

This reference design is predominately intended for power tools, but is very suitable for any battery-powered application involving similar architecture, rating and performance. A potentiometer input for speed variation is available.

Key features
  • 7 - 45 V motor voltage rating supported
  • Recommended for power tools supplied from 2S to 6S batteries
  • Output current up to 15 Arms
  • STSPIN32F0B advanced 3-phase motor controller tailored for single-shunt applications
  • STL180N6F7 60 V, 1.9 mΩ N-channel power MOSFET
  • Ultra-low standby current below 1µA thanks to an external turn-on/off trigger
  • Heat sink for improved power dissipation
  • Extremely compact footprint (70 mm x 30 mm)
  • Input connector for Hall effect sensors and encoder
  • Plug-and-play capability through six-step firmware with Hall effect sensor feedback
  • Six-steps sensorless control available through dedicated BEMF sensing circuitry and sensorless/sensored Field Oriented Control
  • Speed regulation through an external trimmer
  • Protections: thermal shutdown, UVLO, overcurrent and reverse biasing of power stage outputs
  • SWD debug interface and direct firmware update (DFU) via UART
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