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5 V - 360 mA buck converter based on VIPer222XSTR

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Core ProductVIPer222XSTR
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The STEVAL-VP22201B evaluation board implements a 5 V - 1.8 W buck converter developed for general purpose applications operating from 85 to 265 VAC.

The reference design is built around the VIPer222XSTR offline high-voltage converter from the VIPerPlus family, with 730 V Power MOSFET and PWM current-mode control.

The main characteristics of the evaluation board are its small size and minimal BOM, low stand-by consumption and tight line and load regulation over the entire input and output range. Extremely low consumption under no-load condition is ensured thanks to burst mode operation that reduces the average switching frequency and minimizes all frequency related losses.

VIPer222XSTR operates at 30 kHz fixed frequency with frequency jittering to enable compliance with standards regarding electromagnetic disturbance.

Key features
  • Universal input mains range: 85–265 VAC
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Output voltage: 5 V
  • Output current: 360 mA
  • Very compact size
  • Stand-by mains consumption: < 18mW at 230 VAC
  • Tight line and load regulation over the entire input and output range
  • Meets IEC55022 Class B conducted EMI even with reduced EMI filter, thanks to the frequency jittering feature
  • RoHS compliant