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Power line communication AC coupling circuit

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Core ProductSM6T15CA
Packing TypeNot Applicable
RoHs compliantEcopack2
Package NameCARD

The STEVAL-XPLM01CPL is a simple yet very useful tool for power line communication testing on AC power networks.

It includes simple two-wire connectivity to any PLC transmitter/receiver and a standard connector for an AC power cord (2-pin AC plug, 8-shape female end). The main components to achieve suitable signal coupling are:

- PLC 1:1 transformer for differential coupling and basic electrical isolation

- SM6T15CA 600 W Transil +320 V ac varistor for effective protection against ESD, EFT and surge disturbances from the power line

- High voltage AC blocking capacitor with X2 safety class

- Tuning series inductor to adjust the frequency response

The STEVAL-XPLM01CPL can be very easily interfaced with the X-NUCLEO-PLM01A1 to test PLC communication performance over an AC mains network.

The frequency response of the coupling circuit is wide enough to fit any narrow-band PLC signal under normal test conditions. However, it can be easily adjusted by changing only the tuning series inductor L1.

The STEVAL-XPLM01CPL is suitable for lab measurements using equipment like an isolated probe for an oscilloscope or a spectrum analyzer, or to inject a signal from an arbitrary function generator.

Key features
  • Complete AC coupling circuit suitable for use with any power line communication (PLC) solution
  • Can be paired with the X-NUCLEO-PLM01A1 to add full AC coupling capability
  • Tuned for transmission inside CENELEC B to D bands
  • Implements isolation and protections for safe operation
  • Suitable for the connection of laboratory equipment for PLC measurement and testing
  • RoHS compliant
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