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Trench gate field-stop 1700 V, 50 A low loss M series IGBT die in D7 packing

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Packing TypeNot Applicable
RoHs compliantN/A
Package NameD.SCRIB.100% VI STAT

This device is an IGBT developed using an advanced proprietary trench gate field-stop structure. The device is part of the M series IGBTs, which represent an optimal balance between inverter system performance and efficiency where the low-loss and the short-circuit functionality is essential. Furthermore, the positive VCE(sat) temperature coefficient and the tight parameter distribution result in safer paralleling operation.

Key features
  • Low VCE(sat) = 2 V (typ.) @ IC = 50 A
  • 10 μs of short-circuit withstand time
  • Minimized tail current
  • Tight parameter distribution
  • Positive VCE(sat) temperature coefficient