STTH1506TPI Active

600 V, 15 A 3-lead tandem Hyperfast Boost Diode
Packing TypeTube
ROHS Compliance GradeEcopack2
Package NameTOP3 Ins
Key Features
  • C = 7pF
  • Especially suited as boost diode in continuous mode power factor correctors and hard switching conditions.
  • Internal ceramic insulated devices with equal thermal conditions for both 300V diodes.
  • Designed for high di/dt operation. Hyperfast recovery current to compete with GaAs devices. Allows downsizing of mosfet and heatsinks.
  • Matched diodes for typical PFC application without need for voltage balance network.
  • Insulation (2500V RMS) allows placement on same heatsink as mosfet and flexible heatsinking on common or separate heatsink.

The TURBOSWITCH “H” is an ultra high performance diode composed of two 300V dice in series. TURBOSWITCH “H” family drastically cuts losses in the associated MOSFET when run at high dIF/dt.

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