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12A high-voltage Triacs

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Parameter NameParameter Value
Packing TypeTube
RoHs compliantEcopack2
Package NameTO-220AB Ins

The TXDVxx12 series uses a high performance alternistor technology.

Featuring very high commutation levels and high surge current capability, these devices are well adapted to power control for inductive and resistive loads (motor, transformer...) especially on three-phase power grid. Targeted three-phase applications include heating systems, motor starters, and induction motor speed control (especially for fans).

Key features
  • On-state current (IT(RMS)): 12 A
  • Max. blocking voltage (VDRM/VRRM): 1200 V
  • Gate current (IGT): 100 mA
  • Commutation @ 10 V/μs: up to 42.5 A/ms
  • Noise immunity: 2 kV/μs
  • Insulated package:
    • 2,500 V rms (UL recognized: E81734).