VN5R003HTR-E Active

3 mOhm reverse battery protection switch
Operating RangeAutomotive
Supply Voltage Max Volt41.0
Operating Temp Min Celsius-40.0
Operating Temp Max Celsius150.0
Operating Voltage Min Volt4.5
Operating Voltage Max Volt28.0
Packing TypeTape And Reel
ROHS Compliance GradeEcopack1
Package NameTO-252 6L
Key Features
  • General
    • Optimized electromagnetic emissions
    • Very low electromagnetic susceptibility
    • Compliant with European directive 2002/95/EC
  • Protections
    • Automatic switch off in case of negative input voltage
    • Electrostatic discharge protection

The VN5R003H-E is a device made using STMicroelectronics®VIPower®technology. It is intended for providing reverse battery protection to an electronic module.

This device has two power pins (Drain and Source) and a control pin IN. If the INvoltage versus Drain is negative the device is turned on.

A negative voltage of Drain pin versus INautomatically turns off the device. When INis left open, device is in OFF-state and behaves like a power diode between Source and Drain pins.

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