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VNHD7012AY Evaluation Board

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Parameter NameParameter Value
Operating RangeAutomotive
Target ApplicationBody and Convenience
Core ProductVNHD7012AY
Packing TypeNot Applicable
RoHs compliantNot compliant
Package NameCARD

EV-VNHD7012AY provides you an easy way to connect ST VIPower M0-7 HBridge drivers into your existing prototype circuitry. This evaluation board comes preassembled with VNHD7012AY H-Bridge. On board minimum set of electrical components (as for device datasheet recommendation) is enabling the user to directly connect the load, the power supply and the microcontroller without any additional effort in external component design and connection. VNHD7012AY is a full bridge motor driver intended for a wide range of automotive applications. The device incorporates a full protected dual high-side driver and the drivers and protections for the two external power MOSFETs in low-side configuration. The device is designed using STMicroelectronics well known and proven proprietary VIPower® technology that allows to efficiently integrate on the same die a true PowerMOSFET with an intelligent signal/ protection circuitry. The device is housed in a PowerSSO-36 exposed pad package to optimize the dissipation performances. The input signals INA and INB can directly interface the microcontroller to select the motor direction and the brake conditions. Two selection pins (SEL0 and SEL1) are available to address to the microcontroller the information available on the MultiSense. The MultiSense pin allows to monitor the motor current, provides a voltage proportional to the battery value and the information on the temperature of the chip. The integrated protections are: load current limitation, overload active power limitation (with latch-off), overtemperature shutdown (with latch-off) and cross current protection. The PWM, up to 20 KHz, allows to control the speed of the motor in all possible conditions.

Key features
  • Simple single IC application board dedicated for VNHD7012AY
  • Provides electrical connectivity and thermal heat-sinking for easy prototyping