Demonstration board for MASTERGAN2 high power density half-bridge high voltage driver with two 650V enhanced mode GaN HEMT

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Parameter NameParameter Value
Core ProductMASTERGAN2
Input Voltage Min Volt0.0
Input Voltage Max Volt600.0
Packing TypeNot Applicable
RoHs compliantEcopack1
Package NameCARD

The EVALMASTERGAN2 board is an easy to use and quick to adapt tool to evaluate the characteristics of MASTERGAN2 and to quickly create new topologies without the need of complete PCB design.

The EVALMASTERGAN2 provides an on-board programmable inputs deadtime generator with a single VCC supply (typ. 6 V). An embedded Linear voltage regulator offers 3.3 V rail to supply low voltage logic circuit like microcontrollers or FPGA.

Some spare footprint is also included to customize the board to operate with the final application. These customizations include: use of separate input signal or single PWM signal, use of external bootstrap diode, separate supply for VCC, PVCC or Vbo and also the use of low-side shunt resistor for peak current mode topologies.

All MASTERGAN2 pins are accessible.

The EVALMASTERGAN2 is 56 x 70 mm wide, FR-4 PCB resulting in an Rth(J-A) of 35°C/W, without forced airflow.

Key features
  • Half-bridge evaluation board equipped with MASTERGAN2 and able to withstand 600 V
  • VCC input on screw connector or pin strip configured for MASTERGAN2 supply voltages
  • Complete set of features to drive MASTERGAN2 with single or complementary driving signal
  • Embedded deadtime generator to convert single PWM signal into dual complementary LIN and HIN signals with independently adjustable deadtimes
  • On board 3.3 V regulator for external circuitry supply (up to 50 mA)
  • 35°C/W junction to ambient thermal resistance to evaluate large power topologies
  • High frequency connector for MASTERGAN2 GL and GH pin monitoring
  • Spare footprint for low-side shunt, external bootstrap diode and high voltage high capacitance bulk capacitor
  • RoHS compliant