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NFC Forum Type 2 tag IC with 1.6-kbit EEPROM

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ST25TN512 and ST25TN01K devices are NFC Forum Type 2 tag IC with TruST25 digital signature, Augmented NDEF, and privacy features.

The RF interface is compliant with ISO/IEC 14443-2 and 14443-3 Type A standards, and NFC Forum Type 2 tag specification. Thanks to its internal tuning capacitance and harvesting of operating power from RF field provided by the NFC poller, it simply operates with an antenna and without additional component.

The embedded electrically erasable programmable memory (EEPROM) can be written with a NDEF message conforming to NFC Forum specification offering native tap with all NFC-enabled phones.

The Augmented NDEF feature allows the tag to answer dynamic NDEF message without modification of the EEPROM by the user.

The TruST25 digital signature helps fighting against counterfeiting.

The kill feature guarantees user privacy by permanently muting the tag with a simple software procedure.

In this document, the term ST25TN refers interchangeably to ST25TN512 or ST25TN01K.

Key features
  • Includes ST state-of-the-art patented technology
  • Contactless interface
    • Full compliancy with NFC Forum Type 2 tag and ISO/IEC 14443 type A specifications
    • Power supplied by 13.56 MHz transmitter field
    • Data transfer at 106 kbit/s
    • Anticollision support for management of several tags in the field simultaneously
    • Natively supported by Android™ and iOS™ phones
    • Internal tuning capacitance 50 pF
  • Memory
    • Up to 208 bytes (1664 bits) dedicated to user content
    • Accessible by blocks of four bytes
    • NFC Forum NDEF format support
    • Augmented NDEF (contextual automatic NDEF message)
    • 100 000 Write cycles at + 85 °C
    • Data retention during 40 years at + 55 °C
  • Product identification and protection
    • 7 bytes unique identifier
    • TruST25 digital signature
    • 3-digit unique tap code
    • NFC Forum T2T permanent write locks at block level
  • Privacy protection
    • Configurable kill mode for permanent deactivation of the tag
  • Temperature range
    • -40 °C/ +85 °C
  • Delivery forms
    • 5-pin package ECOPACK2 (RoHS compliant)
    • Bumped and sawn inkless wafer