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Electronic fuse for 5 V line

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Parameter NameParameter Value
Packing TypeTape And Reel
RoHs compliantEcopack2
Package NameDFN10 3X3

The STEF05L is an integrated electronic fuse optimized for monitoring output current and the input voltage. Connected in series to the 5 V rail, it is able to protect the electronic circuitry on its output from overcurrent and overvoltage. The STEF05L has controlled delay and turn-on time. When an overload condition occurs, the device limits the output current to a predefined safe value. If the anomalous overload condition persists, it goes into an open state, disconnecting the load from the power supply. If a continuous short-circuit is present on the board, when the power is re-applied the eFuse initially limits the output current to a safe value and then goes again into the open state. The voltage clamping circuit prevents the output voltage from exceeding a fixed value, if the input voltage goes beyond this threshold. The device is equipped with a thermal protection circuit. Intervention of thermal protection is signaled to the board-monitoring circuits through an appropriate signal on the Fault pin. Unlike mechanical fuses, which must be physically replaced after a single event, the eFuse does not degrade in its performances following short-circuit/thermal protection intervention and is reset either by re-cycling the supply voltage or using the appropriate Enable pin. The STEF05L is also available in an autoretry version; in case of thermal fault it automatically attempts to re-apply power to the load when the die temperature returns to a safe value.

Key features
  • Continuous current typ.: 3.6 A (DFN), 2.5 A (Flip Chip)
  • N-channel on resistance (typ): 40 mΩ (DFN), 25 mΩ (Flip Chip)
  • Enable/Fault functions
  • Output clamp voltage (typ.): 6.1 V
  • Undervoltage lockout
  • Short-circuit limit
  • Overload current limit
  • Controlled output voltage ramp
  • Thermal latch (typ): 160 °C
  • Uses tiny capacitors
  • Latching and auto-retry versions
  • Operative junction temp. - 40 °C to 125 °C
  • Available in DFN10 (3 x 3 mm) and Flip Chip 9 bumps