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6-Step BLDC sensorless driver board based on the STM32F051 and L6234

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Parameter NameParameter Value
Target Application3-phase 6-STEP Control
Core ProductL6234, STM32F051
ECCN US3A991.a.2
Packing TypeNot Applicable
RoHs compliantEcopack2
Package NameCARD

The STEVAL-IHM043V1 demonstration board is a three-phase permanent magnet brushless motor driver designed to drive a motor using a sensorless 6-step commutation technique. The board can operate from a DC input voltage between 7 and 42 VDCand supply a continuous output current of 2 A to the motor.

The circuit consists of three main blocks:

The digital control block uses the STM32F051 microcontroller to implement the control algorithms, and generates the control signals for the power stage.

The second block is the power stage, consisting of a three-phase inverter bridge implemented using the L6234 three-phase motor driver IC.

The power supply block uses the ST78L33 linear regulator to provide the 3.3 V logic supply for the microcontroller.

Key features
  • Input voltage range: 7 to 42 Vdc
  • Output current: 2 A (5 A peak)
  • Can operate up to 100% duty cycle
  • RoHS compliant