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Dual push-button Smart Reset with capacitor-adjustable setup delay

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Parameter NameParameter Value
Operating Temp Min Celsius-40.0
Operating Temp Max Celsius85.0
Packing TypeTape And Reel
RoHs compliantEcopack3
Package NameDFN-8L P 0.5 mm

The Smart Reset™ devices provide a useful feature that ensures that inadvertent short reset push-button closures do not cause system resets as the extended Smart Reset™ delay setup periods are implemented. Once the valid Smart Reset™ input levels and setup delay are met, the device generates an output reset pulse for a fixed timeout period (tREC).

The typical application hookup shows that either a single Smart Reset™ input, or both reset inputs can be connected to the applications interrupt and control both the interrupt pin and the hard reset functions. If the push-button is closed for a short time, the processor is only interrupted. If the system still does not respond properly, holding the push-button(s) for the extended setup time (tSRC) causes a hard reset of the processor. The Smart Reset™ feature helps significantly increase system stability and eliminates the need for a dedicated reset button.

The STM65xx family of Smart Reset™ devices consists of low-current microprocessor reset circuits targeted at applications such as MP3 players, portable navigation or mobile phones, generally any application that requires delayed reset push-button(s) response for improved system stability. The devices in the STM65xx Smart Reset™ family include various combinations of useful features for the targeted applications.

The STM6522 has two combined Smart Reset™ inputs (SR0and SR1) with delayed reset setup time (tSRC) programmed by an external capacitor on the SRC pin.

Key features
  • Dual Smart Reset™ push-button inputs with capacitor-adjustable extended reset setup delay (tSRC)
  • No power-on reset
  • Dual RSToutput, active-low, open-drain
  • Fixed Smart Reset™ input logic voltage levels
  • Broad operating voltage range 1.65 V to 5.5 V, inactive reset output levels valid down to 1.0 V
  • Low supply current (1.5 μA)
  • Operating temperature: industrial grade –40 °C to +85 °C
  • TDFN8 package: 2 mm x 2 mm x 0.75 mm
  • RoHS compliant