L6382D5 Active

PMU Driver for Microcontroller Ballast
Packing TypeTube
ROHS Compliance GradeEcopack1
Package NameSO-20
Key Features
  • Cross-conduction protection (interlocking)
  • Over-current protection with digital output signal
  • Integrated bootstrap diode
  • Integrated high-voltage start-up
  • Fully integrated power management for all operating modes
  • 4 drivers for PFC, half-bridge & pre-heating MOSFETs
  • Internal two point VCC regulator
  • Under voltage lock-out
  • 5V microcontroller compatible

The L6382D5 is suitable for microcontrolled electronic ballasts embedding a PFC stage and a half-bridge stage. The L6382D5 includes 4 MOSFET driving stages (for the PFC, for the half bridge, for the preheating MOSFET) plus a power management unit (PMU) featuring also a reference able to supply the microcontroller in any condition.

Besides increasing the application efficiency, the L6382D5 reduces the bill of materials because different tasks (regarding drivers and power management) are performed by a single IC, which improves the application reliability.

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