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VertiCal base board for SPC563M series devices in QFP144 package

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The Vertical Adapter is designed to substitute the device on an ECU version used during engine calibration.

All VertiCal hardware is designed to support a standardized tool connector, allowing a variety of calibration and debug hardware to be connected and reused.

VertiCal components are available to support a wide range of SPC563M64 devices in various package types.

The complete system consists of a SPC563M64AVB144/176 board, a calibration RAM board SPC56XVTOP-M and a POLYPOD-TQ144/176 Poly-Pod which plugs directly into the motherboard.

Key features
  • Support for LQFP144 and LQFP176 MCU production packages allowing calibration systems to be built without requiring modifications to the standard production system housing
  • VertiCal interconnect standard supported by multiple calibration tool developers, ensuring maximum flexibility in tool choice.
  • On-board latch providing a 16-bit de-multiplexed bus interface from the SPC563M64 16-bit multiplexed calibration interface.
  • Support for Nexus-based debug tools even if application PCB does not include Nexus connector.
  • Nexus functionality with 12 Message Data Out (MDO) signals.
  • Support for full-feature calibration tools, via availability of comprehensive set of device signals available on VertiCal connector.
  • Allows system calibration without impacting standard MCU I/O resources.
  • Allows system calibration regardless of availability of standard MCU external bus.
  • Specifications:
    • Board Size 30 x 40.5mm
    • Target connector compatible with TQPACK144SD and TQPACK176SD sockets