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RAM/Debug Top Board for SPC56 M line VertiCal Base boards

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Calibration is a process of optimizing a control algorithm to get the desired response from the system. A calibration tool is a combination of a hardware interface and a software application that enables the engineer to access the calibration variables in an ECU and change them.

The SPC56xVTOP-M Vertical Calibration Top board is designed to work with the SPC563MxxAVBx Vertical base board for SPC563x line and moreover the board enables the use of new enhanced automotive calibration and debug tools on the SPC563Mx line of automotive microcontrollers, featuring a 16-bit bus interface.

Key features
  • 1 MByte high-speed static RAM organized as 1024K words by 16 bits;
  • 16-bit multiplexed Calibration bus configuration;
  • Support for Nexus-based debug tools even if application PCB does not include Nexus connector;
  • Nexus functionality with 16 Message Data Out (MDO) signals;
  • High speed CAN transceiver with signals protection;
  • ST A5973D step down monolithic power switching regulator.