Discovery kit with STM8AF5288 and STM8AL3L68 MCUs

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Parameter NameParameter Value
Core ProductSTM8AF5288, STM8AL3L68
ECCN US3A991.a.2
Packing TypeNot Applicable
ROHS Compliance GradeEcopack1
Package NameCARD
Key features
  • STM8AF and STM8AL common features:
    • On-board ST-LINK/V2 included for debugging and programming
    • Board power supply: through 5 V USB bus
    • Internal dual ST662A step-up converter building the 12 Vdc when powered by USB port
    • External application power supply VBAT(up to 14 Vdc)
    • 16 MHz HSE XTAL crystal oscillator
    • L99PM62GXP power management IC with LIN and high speed CAN with SPI control interface and high-side drivers
    • Two push buttons (USER1 and USER2)
    • Extension header for L99PM62GXP including relays, high-side outputs and wake-up capabilities
  • STM8AF dedicated features:
    • STM8AF5288T microcontroller featuring 64 Kbytes Flash, 2 Kbytes data EEPROM, LIN, CAN in an 48-pin package
    • Seven LEDs:
      • LD1 (red/green) for USB communication
      • LD2 (red) for 5 V power ON
      • Five user LEDs LD3 (red) and LD4 to LD7 (green)
    • RV1 potentiometer connected to the ADC peripheral
    • Extension headers for MCU connectivity (full Port B, free ports pins, RESET)
  • STM8AL dedicated features:
    • STM8AL3L68T microcontroller featuring 32 Kbytes Flash, 1 Kbytes data EEPROM, LCD in an 48-pin package
    • Four LEDs:
      • LD1 (red/green) for USB communication
      • LD2 (red) for 3.3 V power ON
      • 2 user LEDs LD3 (red) and LD4 (green)
    • 4-digit alphanumeric LCD display including 4 bars display
    • Extension header for MCU connectivity (free ports pins, RESET)
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